Acekard ds supporting Download Play and WIFI Playing

Acekard ds is perfect flash cart which is specially manufactured for the users of DSi, DSL, IDSL, DS, and IDS. Using Acekard ads, you can not only store games using most powerful TF card but can also enjoy an incredibly immersive gaming experience. Acekard ds is a new version of the flash cart which works on the Nintendo DSi. It’s similar to the original cart size and retains all the functionality of previous flash carts including Perfect compatibility Original cart size, simple plug, and play. You have just to drag and drop software on MicroSD card for playing. Best aspect that it retains several great features. Playing some of these fun games at like wifi games at are also there and an easy to play for many people like me and some other people that want to play easy and fun games.

Acekard ds is well known for its specific features like Never lost save data, Perfect compatibility, Support Homebrew programs/games, Support SDHC MicroSD card, Support any brand of MicroSD card, Support Action Replay cheats and built-in editor, Built in “Trimming” Function, Fully touch screen operation, Build-in file operation, Support soft-reset, Download play and WIFI playing, Support Skin and Dynamic skin change, etc. But also no wifi games are many and easy to play.

In Booooly!, you match three or four colored faces together to move them off your screen. Move fast, though: new rows of booties are added every few seconds, and if they reach the line on the top of the screen, you’ll die. However, what sets Booooly! Apart from other match-three games is the multiplayer mode. With best games without wifi or Bluetooth, you can go head-to-head with a friend. As you match four boolies together, it takes them off your screen and puts them onto your opponent’s screen.

WARNING: Our number two and number one picks for must-have match-three apps do something new and unusual for the genre: these games blur the line between the RPG genre and the match-three or puzzle genre.

Acekard ds supports save files which are compatible with many other flash carts. You can play homebrew games as Acekard ds is compatible with homebrews due to its DLDI auto-patcher. So just copy the homebrews to the micro sd card and play it. If you have SDHC card and wants to use it, then Acekard ds is a good option as it supports SDHC card and can have unlimited space for storing multimedia data and files. Since it supports download play and wifi playing, you can enjoy various ends games at your homes. So visit any shop and have your desirable Acekard ads that supports download play and wifi playing for availing full entertainment.